Act Fast Speed Charades


Act Fast is Charades, but faster, with simultaneous mayhem! In this fast-paced charades game, one “Guesser” is tasked with guessing the different charades that multiple “Actors” are acting. The catch? All players are acting at the same time! Each “Actor” has 15 seconds to communicate their word before the timer runs out. If a charade is guessed correctly, that player simply flips over a new sand timer and starts all over again. Players keep going until a charade is missed. When the round is done, both the “Guesser” and “Actors” are awarded points for each correctly guessed charade. Then rotate with a new player taking on the important role of guessing what everyone is up to. Action-packed fun and laughter for the whole family, Act Fast takes charades to a whole new level! Will you act fast enough to beat your competitors?