Babyfied Apparel Sunglasses


Babyfied Apparel is a family business owned and operated in Toronto, Ontario. Our mission is to provide premium quality, stylish hats and sunglasses for the modern baby. With an emphasis on classic and simple designs, all Babyfied Apparel products are safe for baby and made to last. Pair your favourite Babyfied sunnies with any of our hats for the ultimate cool combo, all year round.

  • ACCESSORIES: All Babyfied sunnies come with a slim, stylish, and flexible drawstring neoprene pouch for non-bulky, convenient storage, which doubles as a cloth to clean the lenses. They also come with a stretchy, adjustable hook-on strap that snaps shut in a shorter length to keep the glasses on baby’s face and off the ground! No more struggling with snap-ons or dealing with broken snaps.
  • LENSES: We spare no expense when it comes to baby’s safety. Our polarized UV400 TAC lenses are hard coated, scratch-resistant, and offer best in-class protection against the sun by filtering out harsh glare and blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • FRAMES: Our silicone frames are non-toxic, BPA & PVC free, ultra lightweight, and super flexible, making the glasses virtually indestructible and safe for baby to bend and twist. Our snug fitting flexible frames are designed to allow the glasses to grow with baby’s head. 
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