BB Luv – Termo 4-in-1 Digital Thermometer


Keep your little one healthy with the Termo 4-in-1 digital thermometer from BBLUV. Boasting precise, non-contact temperature measurements, this thermometer accurately measures your child’s forehead, ears, and armpit temperatures, as well as non-body temperatures, such as milk, food, and bathwater, ensuring your baby stays safe and comfortable. It also memorizes up to 32 readings. A tool that is both practical and essential in your care kit.


  • Safer and more accurate than a tympanic thermometer and better tolerated than a rectal thermometer
  • Infrared sensor for surface temperature measurement regardless of ambient room temperature
  • Temperature zone alert: normal (green), slight fever (orange) or high fever (red) by colourful backlighting on the LCD
  • Reading units in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Three modes of temperature measurement: surface, body and ambient temperature
  • Audible alarm if the temperature exceeds a normal level, silent mode available
  • Automatic shutdown after 30 seconds for energy saving
  • 32-measure memory function
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