Bruder MB Sprinter Ambulance with Driver (02676)


The subject of emergency vehicles plays an important role at Bruder. To round off this product range, the new MB Sprinter Ambulance has now been added. If a mission is replayed, this, equipped with a variety of functions, vehicle may not be missing. Through the doors to be opened, the paramedics included in the scope of delivery climb into the cab. With the new, integrated Light & Sound module with various siren signals and light function, the ambulance comes quickly and safely to the place of use. Due to the rear doors and side door, as well as the removable roof module, the small paramedic has access to the top modern treatment area. On the height-adjustable stretcher, which can be pulled out and pushed back in, Every bworld figure can be accommodated for a treatment and can be safely transported, just like the brother motto – just like the real thing.

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