Bruder MAN TGA Fire Engine with Selwing Ladder (02771)


Play time comes to life when this Bruder Toys Fire Engine drives in to put out fires and save lives in the toy room.Your little firefighter comes to the rescue during playtime to rescue animals, put out some flames, and protect the community. This fire engine is so realistic with numerous features to have hours of fun with life-like lights and actual siren sounds. The slewing ladder swivels 360 degrees and locks into place when necessary and you can fill the tank with water and spray it out of the hose when a 3-alarm sounds.The fire engine has stabilizing legs that can be cranked up and tilted to support heavy loads and for more height to save the day. Its solid construction makes it one tough truck that’s ready for your firefighter to be the brave first responder in your home.Firefighters save hearts and homes and this is the Bruder Toys Fire Engine is the fully-equipped truck that needs your tot’s help and is ready for any emergency.

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