Calico Critters Latte Cat Family


The Latte Cat Family have soft colours and rounded patterns. This set contains the father, mother, girl, baby, and accessories including coffees-to-go, a waffle treat, and a shopping bag.
Matteo the Latte Cat father loves shopping with Daniela. Whenever they look at clothes, Matteo is always suggesting new things for her to try on and offering to buy them for her.
Whenever Daniela the Latte Cat mother goes shopping, she always stops for a cup of tea…and spends more time drinking it than she did shopping! She enjoys having lunch with her friends too. Monica the Latte Cat girl loves to eat. She always wants to try new foods! Pino the Latte Cat baby loves playing shopping games. He’ll set up his own pretend shop and welcome all his customers with a cheerful smile.

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