Lego Harry Potter – Talking Sorting Hat (76429)


Immerse yourself in a spellbinding build with this Talking Sorting Hat, the first-ever LEGO Harry Potter set with a sound brick to bring this display model to life! Tap the top of the hat or place it on your head to activate the voice of the Sorting Hat and find out which Hogwarts house it selects for you. Listen out for the Sorting Hat Song every now and then, too.

Place the hat on the stand, which features Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw crest decorations. This unique LEGO set also includes a Harry Potter character minifigure wearing a Sorting Hat to complete a special display.

This buildable, adventure movie-themed set makes a magical treat for yourself, a present for moms or dads who are into the Wizarding World and the best gift for other adult Harry Potter movie-lovers.

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