Lego Star Wars – Mandalorian Starfighter (75316)


Let kids create a detailed, buildable Lego model of a Mandalorian Starfighter and relive memorable Star Wars: The Clone Wars action. It features an opening Lego minifigure cockpit for 2 Lego minifigures, 2 stud shooters, 2 spring-loaded shooters and adjustable wings – rotate them vertically for landing or fold them down and rotate the cockpit for an authentic streamlined flight formation.

There are 3 new-for-August-2021 Lego minifigures of Mandalorian warriors Bo-Katan Kryze, Gar Saxon, and a Mandalorian Loyalist- plus 5 blaster pistols and a jetpack for each minifigure to spark children’s imaginations.

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