Our Generation Doll – Sabrina


Treat your besties to great hair days with stylist Sabrina! This Our Generation 18-inch doll has bright blue eyes that open and close, and her long, wavy brown hair is fun to brush and style! Use Sabrina’s styling accessories to give your customers a makeover. Buckle the stylist apron around Sabrina’s waist and insert the accessories into the pouches to keep them in reach. It features scissors, 2 hair clips, a brush, and a comb! Sabrina has a cuddly soft body, and she can move her neck, arms, and legs to quickly change outfits. She is wearing a cute, casual top that reads, “Have A Good Hair Day”, denim-style pants, and bright pink shoes. Her outfit also features easy-open closures to quickly put on and remove, so you can change Sabrina into more fun looks to match her hairstyles!

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