Our Generation – Sitting Pretty Salon Chair


Up, down or wrapped around, the hair is the window to our mood of the day!

Seat your dolls in the chair and secure them with the safety strap so they won’t fall out – it’s suitable for both posable and non-posable 18″ dolls. Use the foot pedals to raise and lower the chair so it’s at just the right height for you! The Sitting Pretty Chair comes with lots of fun pretend salon accessories like a flat-iron for straightening hair, a blow dryer, scissors, hair clips, and a spray bottle. (Please remember to keep your dolls away from real heat and water to avoid damage.) With a little imagination, there’s no limit to how many cool hair-dos you can design!

Colour may vary. To check what’s currently in stock, give us a call at 613-938-6457 or drop by the store. Or, order for a surprise!

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