Perplexus – Rebel


Can You Beat the Ball? Will you leave the labyrinth victorious? Enter and discover the crazy and fun world of Perplexus Rebel! Encased in a clear plastic sphere is a maze so intricate and awesome that only a true puzzle master can solve it! Flip, twist and spin your Perplexus Rebel 360 degrees to roll the ball contained inside along the numbered path. If you fall off, head back to the start and try again! With 70 challenges to take on, there are many ways to conquer Perplexus Rebel! See if you can make it out of the terrible tube, scary stairs and chilling igloo! As the first in a series of three, Perplexus Rebel is a great way for novices to learn how to solve mazes. Take the challenge and tackle the game that’ easy to play, hard to master! Roll the silver ball encased inside the clear plastic sphere by rotating, it 360 degrees! If you fall of, head to start and roll again! There are 70 challenges to tackle in one game! Make it up the stairs, down the tunnel and through the igloo! Perplexus Rebel is made for kids aged 8+. No batteries required. All players need is a steady hand and excellent puzzling-solving skills!

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