Sense & Grow – Textured Bean Bag Surprise


Keep your child busy for hours with this fun and interactive game. Touch enables children to get an understanding for what objects are and what they feel like by experiencing various shapes and textures.

  • First let child get familiar with each item and their shapes and textures.
  • Place all bean bags in the sack and mix them up.
  • Have child reach in and select a bean bag without taking it out of the sack.
  • Let them explore the texture and shape of the item to try to identify it just by the sense of touch.
  • Tell them to describe what they’re feeling and how it makes them feel.
  • Child should try remembering where else they’ve experienced that particular texture. Maybe they have a favorite pillow made of the same material?
  • Take it further: keep pointing out different textures in your home or outside. Improve your child’s critical thinking by having them compare everyday items to the bean bags in the sack. It’s the little things that encourage big imagination!

Ages 2+

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