Vtech Smart Chart Medical Kit


There’s always a doctor in the house with the Smart Chart Medical Kit! Kiddos can care for their family, friends, dolls and stuffed animals with this portable kit. Dress up like a doctor and grab your interactive healthcare tablet. Explore medical instruments, the human body and common ailments using the touch points on the tablet. Let’s see how the patient is doing with the role-play check-up button! Walk through multiple patient scenarios and find the right tools to check your patient’s symptoms, then see how to help them feel better. Use the play stethoscope to listen to their heart and lungs, then check for a fever with the thermometer. With the otoscope, have a look in your patient’s eyes, ears, nose and throat. Help others while exploring wellness tips with the health tips button, like drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest. When the doctor’s office is closed, pack up the 15 tools and accessories and place them all in the medical bag, ready for next time. Intended for ages 2-5 years. Require 2 AA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.

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