Maggie la Magnifique! by Local Author Erin Lee


Maggie the Magnificent, the spunky new kid at school, struggles to win over her stand-offish classmates with her not-quite-perfect magic tricks. When this fails, she finds herself promising to magically fulfil one wish for each classmate the very next day. Although she instantly skyrockets to mega-popularity, she soon realizes she’ll be magnificently unpopular the next day when her magic tricks do not succeed. Maggie makes one final effort to impress her new classmates, but will it be enough to keep her new friends, or will she destroy the friendships forever?

Erin Lee is an elementary school teacher and artist living in Long Sault, Ontario. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honors degree in Fine Arts, Visual Arts. During her undergrad, Erin specialized in drawing/painting with a fascination in portraits. Art continues to play a large role in Erin’s life, as she develops a small paint party business, sells her work, and participates in art shows within her community. Erin has now found a new love of illustration, beginning with illustrating her own book, Maggie the Magnificent.

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