Out of Season by Local Author Erin Lee


Meet Winnie: She’s the most popular girl in school. Everyone wants to eat lunch with Winnie, dress like Winnie, and play with Winnie. But there’s more to Winnie than you think. In fact, this girl has a deep, dark secret that is about to be revealed. On a quest to find herself, Winnie will be forced to make some big decisions about who she really wants to be.

Erin Lee is an elementary school teacher and artist living in Long Sault, Ontario. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honors degree in Fine Arts, Visual Arts. During her undergrad, Erin specialized in drawing/painting with a fascination in portraits. Art continues to play a large role in Erin’s life, as she develops a small paint party business, sells her work, and participates in art shows within her community. Erin has now found a new love of illustration, beginning with illustrating her own book, Maggie the Magnificent.

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